Parenti Law Logo Solutions Presentation

Thank you for your time and careful consideration in reviewing this presentation. When reviewing these designs, please keep the following in mind:
  • These are alternative solutions.
  • Once a solution is selected, I can refine to improve – before providing final formats.
  • In your feedback, please reference the solution number.
  • Your objective is to determine which solution best communicates the spirit of Parenti Law and your unique services and offers a motif which can be extended across marketing communication, setting your brand apart from the others.
  • With these solutions, I explored designs using the letters, P and L (in Parenti Law).
  • Additionally, with the logo image, I strived to communicate Parenti Law’s key differentiators: Strategy and Creative Approach — and your unique services of tackling a sometimes previously tried case (as with appellate law) from a different angle, ultimately achieving positive direction. To this end, I used directional lines (like strategic playbook plans) and forward arrows.
  • Another underlying communication: your partnership (where I depicted echoing P’s or intertwined P & L)